Adaptive Clinical Trials: 5 Reasons, 5 Benefits, and 5 Skills

We are all painfully aware of the time and money required to move a therapeutic into the marketplace: the only promises are that it will be long and expensive. Adaptive clinical trials: a systematic examination of data to allow interim adjustments in the study design, can efficiently streamline the process. Among many good reasons to […]

This Week We’re Talking About: CRO’s and Clinical research

CRO’s and Clinical Research lead our list of hot topics this week! 1.  Trial sponsors and their contract research organization (CRO) partners are turning to risk-based monitoring as the new frontier for clinical trial productivity.  Risk-based monitoring represents a smarter way forward.  It focuses on risk factors with the intent of conducting clinical trials more […]

Industry Thought Leader Interviews

I sat down with Greg Ambra (GA), VP of Clinical Operations at DZS Clinical Services, and Joe Guariglia (JG), Partner and Founder of Prism Partners International, to discuss trends and expectations for the Biopharma Industry.  DZS Clinical Services is a full-service Contract Research Organization and Clinical Software provider focused on small to mid-size biopharma.  DZS […]

This Week We’re Talking About: Technology, Iowa for Clinical Trials, and Yoda

This week, we are talking about Technology, Iowa, and YODA! 1.  More technology in Clinical Trials.  United Kingdom-based CamNtech is working on innovative technology and recently received FDA approval for two of its devices, MotionWatch and PRO-Diary. 2.  Iowa, popular for farming and Clinical Trials? The ICCR plans to educate physicians and patients about clinical trials being […]

What We’re Talking About This Week: Mobile Technology and Clinical Trials

The week is half way over, but here are a few articles that caught our eye: 1.  Mobile technology in clinical trials is still growing! Medical micro-journaling startup tapTrak has formally hired pharma veteran Efren Olivares, a hire that signals the company’s upcoming expansion into the pharma space. 2.  Another perspective on the clinical trial process – the […]

What We’re Talking About This Week

So much to talk about this week! We’ve narrowed it down to transparency, another top 10 list, and an insulting app if weight loss is in your future. 1.  We’ve been watching the evolution of transparency in clinical trials and here’s more news in that direction. 2.  Individual clinical systems continue to “integrate” with each […]