Lack of Diversity in Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Participation Part 1: The first of an ongoing series of articles examining critical issues concerning clinical trial participation. While clinical trials are the backbone of the development of new and innovative medicines to treat a wide variety of medical conditions in this country, volunteer participation is critical to examine the safety and effectiveness […]

This Week We’re Talking About: Artificial Blood, Old Fathers, and Wine

That artificial blood we discussed last week is on its way to Clinical Trials! Other hot topics this week include a national, clinical research network of electronic health records, the effect a Father’s age has on his children’s health risks and great news for wine drinkers! 1. Artificial blood derived from stem cells is heading […]

This Week We’re Talking About: Mice, Fake Blood, and Sleep Apnea

Since the beginning of the year, many of our hot topics articles have followed the predicted explosive growth of stem cell research. We continue that trend plus intriguing articles about the disappointing results of research using mice and the latest on sleep apnea. 1. Recently, the first artificial red blood cells were developed and they were derived […]

The Clinical Research Resumé – Not Your Everyday Resumé

As a recruiter, I’ve seen it all when it comes to resumés, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ve all done it. We’ve created a standard resumé template that we think is versatile, and changed a few words here and there to coincide with the position we want. But if you really want that […]

This Week We’re Talking About: Transparency, Computers, Zombies

1. Data Transparency increasing in Europe  Again, we find ourselves discussing the very important and sensitive topic of data transparency. But now, it’s the Europeans lawmakers that have voted in favor of transparency! 2. Computers recognizing emotions?  Researchers have recently taught computers how to recognize over 20 human emotions by mixing different emotions and then […]