Brain Research, Tamoxifen & More!: What We’re Talking About This Week

 Our hot topics this week include Brain Research, the effectiveness of Tamoxifen on breast cancer, the future of CROS, and a Top 50 list! 1.  Brain Research to Benefit from New Cell-marking Technique  Advanced brain research has led to a way of color marking brain cells, Scientists and researchers will be able to gain more knowledge on […]

Hepatitis C, Clinical Games & More!: What We’re Talking About This Week

1.  Twenty-five Years of Progress Against Hepatitis C  This report discusses the setbacks and major stepping stones of studying Hepatitis C over the past twenty-five years. 2.  Transforming Cognitive Health Conditions through Clinical Games  A great article discussing the very popular, rapid growing topic of clinical games, specifically the digital brain health market. 3. Hospitals Gain Insight on […]

Special K & Superbugs: What We’re Talking About This Week

1.  Cost of superbugs resistance; $100 trillion and 10 million deaths 10 million deaths a year and a cost of up to $100 trillion a year if superbugs, drug-resistant infections, are not stopped by 2050! 2.  Top-selling eye vitamins found not to match scientific evidence Unfortunately for the Americans who have spent billions on eye […]