Big Data, Risk Management & More!: What We’re Talking About This Week

  1. How Pfizer Is Using Big Data To Power Patient Care  This article explains the many ways big data is being used in healthcare, from clinical trials to the doctor’s office. 2. Clinical Quality Risk Management: Building Effective Sponsor/CRO Relationships  Insight on how risk management affects the relationship between sponsor and CRO in the clinical space. 3. Ovarian cancer discovery suggests new […]

Mobile Health, Fraudulent Trials & More!: What We’re Talking About This Week

1.  Can Mobile Health Streamline the Clinical Trial Workflow?  Mobile driven tools may be the solution to cleaning up clinical trial work flow, leading to lower costs and many more advantages. 2. Fraudulent clinical trials known to FDA ‘hidden from journals and public’  It seems the public has been kept in the dark about a large number of fraudulent […]