Clinical Trial Impact, Technology & More! What We’re Talking About This Week

1.  Apple’s ResearchKit – The Real Impact on Clinical Trials This article addresses the clinical trial impact of mobile technology, and furthermore how it will change drug discovery and development. 2. Inaccurate reporting jeopardizing clinical trials  This topic remains in the news and continues to concern all involved in the clinical trials process. 3. Endpoints in Cancer Trials: Putting Patients First  A […]

Wearables, Trial Results & More! What We’re Talking About This Week

1. How wearables and mobile health tech are reshaping clinical trials  Wearable devices are popping up everywhere! This article discusses how using them in clinical trials promises to change how trials are conducted and increase the value of the results. 2. World Health Organization (WHO) Calls for Publication of All Clinical Trial Results – Not Just Favorable Ones  The World Health Organization (WHO) […]

GCP, Gene Therapies & More! What We’re Talking About This Week

1. Where is the “Quality” in GCP?  Collaboration is key in conducting successful clinical trials GCP (Good Clinical Practices) have been jeopardized by many factors, this article discusses how important quality is and how it can be improved. 2. Bristol-Myers Squibb, uniQure collaborate on gene therapies for cardiovascular diseases  Access to gene therapy technology used in targeting cardiovascular diseases […]

Patient Engagement, Night Vision Eyedrops & More!: What We’re Talking About This Week

1. 3 Reasons Patient Engagement is the Backbone of Scientific Discovery A great article detailing the 3 reasons why scientific discovery is dependent on patient engagement, from the Voluntary Health Leadership Conference. 2. ‘Night vision eyedrops’ improve vision up to 50 meters in dark The ingredients in these eyedrops have been used by doctors for many years in […]