Clinical Development, Diabetes & More! What We’re Talking About This Week

This week, we continue looking into a very hot topic, Wearables, plus a tipping point in clinical trials and new developments in diabetes. 1.  Wearables: Where is Clinical Development Headed Next?  A very descriptive article focusing on wearables and the future they hold in clinical development. 2.  Re-engineering clinical trials: A ‘tipping point’ vs. incremental […]

Clinical Trials Awareness Week, Ethics & More! What We’re Talking About This Week

1.  Clinical Trials Awareness Week  How are you celebrating Clinical Trials Awareness Week?  It is a great time to spread the word about the importance of clinical trials and its participation worldwide, this article shares ways to do that. 2. Researchers call for further ethical discussions of adaptive clinical trials Despite a growing interest in adaptive clinical […]