Data Managers, What We’re Talking About This Week!

Data Managers and how their role has evolved leads our Hot Topics this week! 1.  Clinical Data and Integration Management: Discussing the Evolving Role of Data Managers We know the importance of Data Managers here at DZS! This is a great article that discusses the evolution of the role and the different factors that have changed […]

Osteoporosis, What We’re Talking About This Week!

Good news for those who suffer from osteoporosis and those who suffer from sickle cell in our Hot Topics this week! 1. Osteoporosis, a Disease With Few Treatment Options, May Soon Have One More A large clinical trial has resulted in very positive news for more than 10 million Americans who suffer from osteoporosis.  A […]

Zika Vaccine, What We’re Talking About This Week!

This week we are focusing on a Zika vaccine, plus digital health technologies and breast cancer study results! 1.   NIH begins testing investigational Zika vaccine in humans With around 80 volunteers, the NIH has launched a clinical trial of a Zika vaccine.  The vaccine was created with hopes of preventing infection of the deadly virus.  The early-stage […]

Pediatric Clinical Trials, What We’re Talking About This Week!

1.   Nearly half of pediatric clinical trials go unfinished or unpublished Legislation to encourage children’s participation in clinical trials seems to be working but does not lead to positive results.  A large majority of clinical trials including children are not completed or published according to a new study. 2.  The push for more clinical research […]