The DZS Dispatch: June 2022

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The DZS Dispatch: December 2021

Challenges and Opportunities in Clinical Data Management Identifying and managing critical data points in clinical research is more important than ever.  Forbes magazine recently reported that “Two-and-a-half quintillion bytes of data is collected daily.”  Unprecedented amounts of information or “data points” are being gathered in almost every aspect of your personal and professional life, and […]

The DZS Dispatch: November 2021

Better Clinical Trial Execution Through eClinical Technology Are You Ready for 2022? Our experienced project management team and clinical monitors are trained to provide accurate, efficient, and on-time deliverables. We leverage industry-leading eClinical technology whenever possible to manage the trial, ensure participant safety, provide transparency, and proactively manage and mitigate risks. ICH-GCP and FDA mandate […]

The DZS Dispatch: October 2021

    Risk Based Management  Our New Whitepaper Is Out! Want to learn more about how this powerful tool of an electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) can help you work smarter, not harder?  Read on to lear   Risk Based Management  Our New Whitepaper Is Out!   Want to learn more about how this powerful […]

Drug Pricing at Site Level, What We’re Talking About This Week

Meeting the drug pricing debate at the clinical trial site level The inability to identify the best clinical trial sites is a big problem – and one of the major challenges negatively affecting drug pricing and sponsors, says CEO.  Why better data sharing is needed to aid cancer research Healthcare organizations that have clinical data on […]

Multi Tasking, What We’re Talking About This Week!

1.  The benefits of wearing many hats in clinical research In this industry, it is all about multi tasking and wearing many hats! Anyone seeking a consistent and predictable work environment would likely not pursue a career in clinical research. 2. Is US drug manufacturing homeward bound? Abi Millar looks into the US’s current pharma manufacturing […]

Outsourcing Trends, What We’re Talking About This Week

1.  Outsourcing companies to see ‘significant investments’ from private equity Outsourcing companies are expected to witness “significant investments” from private equity and venture capital, despite decreasing investment in the overall healthcare industry. 2.  DNA computer brings ‘intelligent drugs’ a step closer Researchers have developed the first DNA computer capable of detecting several antibodies in the […]