DZS was contracted over two years ago by SBI Pharmaceuticals to assist in the first Industry Sponsored study in Bahrain; a small island country in the Middle East. DZS provided project management, local monitoring, and biometrics support. The study evaluated 5-ALA and the effect on Bahraini patients with Type II Diabetes and was recently completed. This project was considered a significant local achievement, and was recognized in a local press conference led by SBI Pharmaceuticals and the Bahrain Defense Force Medical Facility which served as the site. The study was overseen by Dr. George Harb of DZS and is an example of our expanded capabilities in the region.
SBI Pharmaceuticals and DZS Clinical Services entered into a preferred provider agreement in 2014. Their collaboration will continue in 2016 as SBI looks to broaden the clinical studies of 5-ALA treatment to include additional diabetes studies, diagnosis of tumors and others.
If you are interested in utilizing sites in the Middle East or would like more information on how to work with DZS, please contact us at or 732-764-6970.