clinical trialsThe week is half way over, but here are a few articles that caught our eye:

1.  Mobile technology in clinical trials is still growing! Medical micro-journaling startup tapTrak has formally hired pharma veteran Efren Olivares, a hire that signals the company’s upcoming expansion into the pharma space.

2.  Another perspective on the clinical trial process – the patients.  The lack of access information continues to surprise us. Still, the question remains: “Are we doing the right things for the consumer – for the patient?”

3.  For newshounds like us this is an interesting industry read.  But the big news is 2013 was a significant decrease from 2012.  Layoffs are always big news in pharma, as they are seen as an indicator of the health of the industry. Companies don’t like to have to announce them, but when they decide to, getting plenty of attention becomes important.