Challenges and Opportunities in Clinical Data Management

Identifying and managing critical data points in clinical research is more important than ever.  Forbes magazine recently reported that “Two-and-a-half quintillion bytes of data is collected daily.”  Unprecedented amounts of information or “data points” are being gathered in almost every aspect of your personal and professional life, and that trend is just as true in clinical research.  The critical data points that are defined from the data collected, combined, and analyzed are now more important than ever.

Understanding Critical Data Points is keenly understood by clinical data managers in the world of clinical trials, where getting the best therapies to market as fast as possible is a direct result of clinical data management gathering high-quality, reliable, and statistically sound data that is then submitted for an intense committee review by regulatory authorities. This process is critical to not only proving the safety and efficacy of these new, life-saving therapies but also the adoption by the medical community and use by the patients who need them.

However,  clinical data managers are constantly mitigating risk to the quality of the Critical Data Points by actively identifying, evaluating and providing resolution of these issues.

Issues like weeks of waiting for data access, fragmented data, and siloed systems cause clinical teams to waste valuable time cleaning and reconciling data, instead of analyzing it.

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