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Effective Communication In Clinical Trials

Key Strategies for Successful Trials


One of the primary objectives of any clinical trial should always be ensuring that communication is approached in a way that helps partners anticipate and respond to the special communication challenges posed by clinical trials.

Communication in trials can be challenging for many reasons: medical procedures evoking fear or uncertainty, poor past experience, breakdowns in communication or lack of transparency generally. They can sometimes take place against a backdrop of distrust, resulting from past negative experiences.

At DZS, we want to make your job easier, and we prioritize needs and perspectives of individuals operating at a site level. We have some critical steps we follow to support clinical trial staff and partners deal with these challenges effectively.

Here are some of the key strategies we implement:

1. Prepare and budget. 

2. Devleop a strategic communication plan. 

3. Manage communication during the trial. 

4. Prevent and manage crisis.

5. Prepare and disseminate study results.

6. Develop and use key messaging.

7. Communicate science clearly.

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