How CROs and Sponsors Improve TMF Management with a Shared eTMF

For biotech, pharma and medical device sponsors considering TMF Management as an area where greater efficiency and transparency would be beneficial for your studies, DZS Clinical Services and Agatha partner in welcoming you to watch our recent webinar.

The Trial Master File (TMF) is the repository for all essential documents supporting a clinical trial. But its role is going beyond a simple storage container for files, as CROs and Sponsors work together to manage the collection of TMF documents and the review and inspection processes, both internally and externally. 

During the webinar, Agatha’s Head of North American Operations, Ken Lownie, and Kari Brown, Director of Clinical Operations, DZS Clinical Services, discuss: 

  • The role of the TMF and how it is evolving 
  • Why CROs and Sponsors need to work together to manage the TMF successfully 
  • How the right eTMF enforces process coordination and collaboration 
  • The key features of a modern eTMF application 
  • How to build a shared responsibility model for the TMF

Whether you are a CRO looking for a way to work more efficiently with your sponsors or a sponsor looking for an eTMF that your team and your CROs can use, this webinar will be packed with helpful information to guide your decision. 

Presenters:  Ken Lownie, Kari Brown